Inspiration this week : Ernest

“You have to want to succeed as much as you want to breathe”- Eric Thomas.

Hello beautiful people, so today I’d be taking you on a trip through the lens of a very awesomely talented, passionate, and fiiiiine young man.  I met him approximately two months ago, and I tell you it’s been joyfully-inspiring knowing him, asides my significant accumulation of knowledge at St. Nicholas (medicine just got interesting for me by the way 🙂 ) meeting him was the only other reason I didn’t get frustrated most days when I’d have to travel through Lagos traffic from Ikeja to V.I, sometimes in the rain and even snow 😦 in first, a molue (the popular Lasgidi yellow bus), then jumping on a BRT and finally squeezing into a tired keke napep to work everyday sometimes weekends inclusive, all that didn’t matter so far he’d be around. I love him no strings attached. So, this is the story of a young man who dares to believe in himself, and of course I believe in him as well. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!!! 😀

Name : Akhidenor I’Ernest
Country of Origin : Nigerian
Why You Should Get To Know Him : Ernest is a Student at Luhansk State Medical University Ukraine, a talented photographer and creative animationist (he moonlights everywhere as batman though 😀 ) This purpose driven young man is one of the few young people that actually throw themselves into making their dreams happen and he is on a gradual road to being a successful success.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
L’Ernest : Yep.

TheUpriser : What inspires you?
L’Ernest : Music, My Mom & Friends.

TheUpriser : How would you describe success?
L’Ernest : Success, is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

TheUpriser : Any mentors you look up to?
L’Ernest : I look up to a lot of people, My mother (aka superwoman), Victor O’Frank, My friends, Les brown, Paul washer, Stan lee.

TheUpriser : You have so much passion in what you do, what prompted it?
L’Ernest : I have an attitude for success, and passion fuels success, its that simple.


TheUpriser : What’s your definition of a beautiful life?
L’Ernest : Doing what makes you happy and having someone/some people to share it with.

TheUpriser : Take us back to the beginning, where were you born? where were you brought up? where are you from?
L’Ernest : Lagos, Nigeria. Festac town, Lagos. Edo state.

TheUpriser : What’s your favorite food? music? color?
L’Ernest : Fufu/pounded yam and egusi soup. Country Music does it for me. Red and blue.

TheUpriser : Describe yourself, give us a little insight into you.
L’Ernest : I am me, an ambitious still very playful somborry, have a taste for the beauty of art.

TheUpriser : What’s your fashion style?
L’Ernest : I tend to mix it up, but Classy mostly.

TheUpriser : What are your greatest joys and fears?
L’Ernest : Fears – chicken. 😀
Joys – the kind of family and friends God has given me the privilege to have around.

TheUpriser : Fav quotes?
L’Ernest : “make the rest of your life the best of your life” – Les brown.
“You have to want to succeed as much as you want to breathe”- Eric Thomas.
“Send a child where he wants to go, and you will see his fastest pace”- Innocent Akhidenor.
“Eyes wey dey cry dey see road” – Bovi

TheUpriser : Any relationships? Serious or you ain’t sure where it’s heading to?
L’Ernest : Of course. Not sure, just hoping she wont kill me with laugh before we get serious serious.

TheUpriser : Achievements so far….
L’Ernest : Not sure what I should count as an achievement. (Probably ‘cos they are too many to count.. Doing what I love is an achievement)

TheUpriser : Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
L’Ernest : A C.E.O of several companies, I already have a lot of plans in motion.

TheUpriser : What’s your vision for the sphere of life you find yourself?
L’Ernest : I want to make the funniest 3D African based cartoons and build a name globally recognized.

TheUpriser : How did you IGNITE, how do you plan on BUILDING and how would you SHOWCASE your creativity?
L’Ernest : Not to lie, I was down on cash and felt it’s high time I stopped bugging my parents for it, So I picked up whatever talent I had and went into the world.

TheUpriser : Finally, last words, for the readers.
L’Ernest : Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you are part of a team. Everything is awesome when you believe in your dream.

Stay Connected to him :
Email :
Facebook : Ernest Akhidenor

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