Inspiration this week : AugustbyFenny

“Success is not a position or destination, it’s a style of motion”

Today, I have with me the beautiful Fenny, a shortened form of Fehintola, she is the brains behind augustbyfenny, a classy and very fashionable brand. Get inspired and don’t forget to show her designs some love, by purchasing. Enjoy 🙂

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m Miss Fenny (short for Fehintola) Ifunanya Odeyemi.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m currently doing a Masters in Architecture and the founder of Augustbyfenny fashion label.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Well, I would certainly hope so. I work very hard, trying to be as focused as I can.

TheUpriser : Describe yourself, give us a little insight into you.
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m a lover of family bants and I value a close knit group of friends (family over everything). I’m such a big dreamer but I’ve learnt to be realistic, experiences in life have taught me so much, wouldn’t trade them for anything.

TheUpriser : What inspires you?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I look around and see how other people have struggled and grown, achieving goals even greater than they expected and I can’t wait to get there.

TheUpriser : Any mentors you look up to?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Yes, I know this is so cliché but I’m still going to go ahead and say my parents. They started with very little and have gotten so far and are still surging on, so they are definitely my number one mentors.

TheUpriser : You have so much passion in what you do, what prompted it?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I’ve seen how much others have done with less skills and opportunities than I have, I see it as a responsibility to ensure that I work tirelessly to prove myself in such a competitive world.

TheUpriser : Take us back to the beginning, where were you born? where were you brought up? where are you from?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I was born in Kaduna and lived there all my life (well right until I moved to the UK), but my mum is from Enugu and my dad from Ogun so I can say I’m an all-round Nigerian can’t I?

TheUpriser : What’s your fav food? music? colour?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I don’t really have a specific favorite food but I definitely love my spicy cuisine. In term of music, Afrobeat is a winner along with some r&b or gospel I can sing along to. Color…teal at the moment but my favorite color changes quite a lot I must say.

TheUpriser : What’s your fashion style?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I like to have fun with my outfits so you’d always find at least a pop of colour or some statement jewellery even on a simple outfit.

TheUpriser : Favorite quotes?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : “Success is not a position or destination, it’s a style of motion”,
“There is nothing stationary about success.” – Funmi Odeyemi

TheUpriser : Any relationships? Serious or you ain’t sure where it’s heading to?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Lol, I’m a single lady at the moment.

TheUpriser : Achievements so far….
AUGUSTbyFENNY : A bachelor’s degree in Architecture and my fashion line, Augustbyfenny.

TheUpriser : Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Having my designs sold in stores in the UK and Nigeria, fingers crossed.

TheUpriser : What’s your vision for the sphere of life you find yourself?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Using fashion to preserve and promote the African culture all around the world.

TheUpriser : How did you IGNITE, how do you plan on BUILDING and how would you SHOWCASE your creativity?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I just made up my mind that I couldn’t wait anymore to officially start the Augustbyfenny journey, although I had designed a lot of items before my actual launch.
Connections are key to building which is why I’m working on collaborating with other designers and photographers. There are so many channels through which to showcase like blogs, fashion shows and competitions.

TheUpriser : Finally, last words, for the readers.
AUGUSTbyFENNY : What ever is your goal, just take the first step no matter how small that step may be. Just start somewhere, work hard and be consistent and I guarantee you it will pay off.

Contact :

Here are some other samples of her designs … 🙂

a new collection, “LOTA”

P.S. You could also be featured on “THEUPRISER”, contact;……. Remain blessed :)


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